• Chelsea Dorroh

5 Reasons You Should Buy A CSA Share

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" and it allows you to easily source locally grown produce. I've compiled five reasons why I think CSA shares are a game changer when it comes to healthy eating.

1. Support local farmers- CSAs allow you to support local farmers and help them ensure their business continues year after year. As a community, we should all strive to support small businesses and encourage economical growth.

2. Better quality- If you grew up in the South especially, you know there is nothing better than farm fresh produce. Vegetables and fruits from the grocery stores don't even compare in taste.

3. Convenience- There's no hassle of maintaining your own garden with a CSA. Let the farmers do the work for you so you can enjoy the fruits of their crops fuss free.

4. Save money- Buying organic produce at the grocery store can be super expensive due to supply and demand. Buying a CSA allows you to get more bang for your buck. Keep in mind, not all farms will be labeled "organic" due to the extensive costs incurred by USDA to receive their stamp of approval. Talk with your farmer about their practices to find out what chemicals (if any) are used on their crops.

5. Variety- It's easy to get in a dinner "rut" and cook the same meals week after week. With a CSA you'll get a variety of produce each week allowing you to try new things and new recipes.

This week I had the honor of trying out Bluewater Creek Farm's CSA Box and I was so impressed with the quality of their produce. The box included okra, arugula, pea shoots, turnips, collard greens, green onions, and mustard greens. All of their produce is naturally produced using sustainable methods and without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Click here to learn more about their CSA and sustainably raised beef and pork. They're sold out this year, but sign-ups for next year's CSA will start in late winter of 2019.