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In our last blog post, I showed you how to find "real food" at Aldi. This week I'm showing you what Publix has to offer. Publix has a wide variety of some harder to find items such as almond milk yogurt, coconut aminos, and healthier salad dressings. Follow us on Instagram to find a shopping tutorial under our "highlights" tab.

  • Pre-cut fruit and vegetables- Sometimes life gets hectic and you need a little extra help. Buying pre-cut produce can be a bit pricier, but is a huge time saver. Publix has a great selection of pre-cut fruit and veggies along with some spiralized varieties to use in place of pasta.

  • Organic produce and herbs- Keep up with the sales to find organic produce at lower prices.

  • King's Kimchi- Found in the cold produce area.

  • Kevita and GT's Kombucha are two of several probiotic drink brands Publix carries in the cold section near the orange juice.

  • Dried fruit chips and nuts- A great snack when you need something travel friendly.

  • Wild caught seafood- Always make sure your seafood is wild caught.

  • Greenwise Organic Chicken- Greenwise is Publix's organic brand. You'll see many items throughout the store with the Greenwise label.

  • Springer Mountain Farm Chicken- This chicken isn't organic, but if you read on their website you'll find that they do care about the quality of feed and the care of their chickens.

  • SO Delicious Coconut Milk- You'll find shelf stable nut milks on the cereal aisle.

  • Purely Elizabeth Granola- Also found on the cereal aisle.

  • Greenwise Organic Turkey

  • Greenwise Organic Coffee

  • Dairy free coffee creamer- One is Coconut Cloud and the other is NutPods. Both are great replacements for dairy creamers and they're unsweetened.

  • Publix has a wide variety of herbal teas. Watch for added ingredients and sweeteners.

  • Highland Sugarworks Maple Syrup- Look for "real" maple syrup and not syrup imitations.

  • Purely Elizabeth Oatmeal

  • Organic Steel Cut Oats

  • Mary's Gone Crackers

  • Safe Catch Tuna- This brand has the lowest mercury content.

  • Organic Bone Broth- Look for added sugar. Pacific is a good brand.

  • Newman's Own Salsa- Has no added sugar.

  • San J Soy Sauce- Real soy sauce is made from soy beans instead of wheat making it gluten free.

  • Hokan Fish Sauce- Adds an umami flavor found in Asian foods.

  • Greenwise Organic Coconut Oil

  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

  • Publix has several high quality olive oil brands

  • Greenwise Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Primal Kitchen Dressing- Many salad dressings have added ingredients like sugar, soy, and gluten, but Primal Kitchen is a great option.

  • Chosen Foods Mayo. Chosen Foods is made with avocado oil, eggs, spices, and a touch of honey.

  • Wholesome Organic Coconut Sugar

  • The New Primal sauces and marinades- Most sauces have sugars like high fructose corn syrup and other yucky ingredients. The New Primal makes a great alternative.

  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce

  • Greenwise Organic Pickles

  • Simple Mills- These are super tasty baking mixes that make it convenient when you need a paleo dessert or bread in a hurry.

  • Lundberg Organic Rice

  • Greenwise Organic Quinoa

  • Cento Artichokes

  • Greenwise Tomato Sauce- no added sugar

  • Frozen Fruit- Great for snacks or smoothies.

  • Organic Deli Meat- Watch out for carrageenan. Plainville Farms is a great brand.

  • Bubbies Sauerkraut- Good source of probiotics. Look out for added sugar.

  • Maverick Uncured No Sugar Added Bacon

  • Aidell's Chicken Sausage

  • Spiralized and riced veggies- found in the freezer section

  • Maranatha No Sugar Added Almond Butter

  • SunButter

  • KerryGold- Grass-fed butter

  • Vital Farms Pastured Butter

  • Organic Valley GrassMilk Yogurt

  • Kitehill Almond Yogurt

  • SO Delicious Coconut Yogurt

  • Maple Hill Organic Grass-fed Whole Milk

  • Elmhurst Nut Milks- Watch for added sugar.

  • Organic Valley Mozzarella

This is not a conclusive list. Publix is continually adding new products to their shelves. Always check ingredients even if it's a product you've bought several times before. Manufacturer's are known to change their ingredients without warning.


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